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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Or perhaps it has to do with the USD and how it reigns supreme as oil HAS to be traded in US dollar's...Few countries have tried to trade oil in non-US dollar's and you can guess what happened to them.

Wonder why Saddam and Osama Bin Laden was on the US govt payroll at one time but all of a sudden they are seen as pure evil devil worshippers? think many americans know that the CIA had them on the payroll at one time?...hmmm.

Wonder why we invaded Iraq? dont really think we went to war because of stupid WMD's do you...think people...its always about the US dollar and oil...we went to get the oil and their oil reserves...Alan Greenspan even said as such...wonder why Paul Oneil the dept Secretary of Treasury was fired by Bush II?...cause Oneil said that Bush was talking about invading Iraq way before 9/11 and Oneils kept questining him on it...Bush Sr started it and Bush Jr wanted to finish it cause its always about money and oil.

BTW guys, please look all this up for yourselves....dont believe me thats for sure.

It doesnt matter what military men say...99.99% of them dont know why we went to war either or dont want to believe it...we are all just pawns in their game...they get us to believe what they want us to believe cause the media is owned by them and 99% of us are sheep are we not?
Exactly. It was all about oil and the greenback, it always has been the case. And when I asked the same question, a couple of members here responded with nuke 'em comment, need training area to spend the old ordnance, etc.