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Originally Posted by bbbbmw
Originally Posted by P-rex View Post
The truth hurts... USA lost the Vietnam war.... What you were told was sugar coated

USA may be the greatest nation in the world.... But it is bankrupt and china is holding it by the cherries...
You offer no supporting information for your claim that the US lost the war.

The US is not bankrupt, and China is not holding anything but promissory notes. Japan owns virtually as much US debt as China, as of Jan 2013. And less than half of the debt is owed to foreign nations.

We are through here - your information is continually wrong, and unsupported with facts.
Supporting information:

Apr 30, 1975.....the Vietnam War ended with the capture of Saigon by Communist forces and the surrender of General Duong Vanh Minh...US marines were evacuated .... Hence America and allies suffered defeat...

Now what your story....