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Thumbs up Spark Plug Change

Just changed my plugs at 46k miles. They didn't look too bad, but the car definitely runs smoother now, and maybe slightly stronger. Definitely a nice compliment to my recently installed bpm stage 2 tune. I ordered my plugs from amazon for about $10 each with free shipping.

For anyone thats looking at doing this, its not too difficult if you have a variety of ratchet extensions and adapters. The front 6 are fairly easy, about 10 mins each, the rear two were a b*tch, took me about 45 mins each, so about 2 1/2 hours total. I basically just removed the two 10mm bolts that hold the coolant reservoir and moved it put of the way, then Popped off the black plastic cover over the valve cover. One at a time, I removed the coil harness, used a wire hanger to pull the coil off, then removed the plug with a 5/8 plug socket. If your socket doesn't have a rubber grommet to grab the plug, you will need a magnet to fish it out. I used a magnetic drill bit socket. For the rear two coils, it helps to use a long screwdriver to pry up the coil as well as the hanger since you can't pull on it straight up due to the firewall. For the driver side you just need to remove the airbox to gain access, two 10mm bolts and a 6mm screw on the air hose clamp.

Feel free to shoot me any questions...
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