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Audi community < BMW community

Let me just say, I miss my 3er and I am hoping to get into a S/C m3 by this summer....but for now....i am rolling in a b7 s4, really a pretty fun car..

but on that note....i want to remind you guys how lucky you are to be a part of the bimmer community, i mean sure well get into little pissing matches here and there, but for the most part...everyone is helpful, friendly and fair. Dont take it for granted

I have only spent 4 months on audi forums and a majority of the community balls... obviously there is a core group of members that hold it together but for the most part: always arguing and always rude, too competitive....literally couldnt find a single thread that doesnt have someone acting like a dousche... buncha sketchy dudes trying to get rid of broken and abused stuff without disclosing....then when you are able to find someone to help out or knows what hes talking about....there is always a troll who trys to call him out for acting like a know it alll.....

Anyways cant wait to get back on the bimmer team...and never look back.

pics cause its always fun.

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