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I don't personnely have experiance with Brembo's on this car but I do have the AP BBK and with the street pads (Mentex? spelling??) Anyway the street pads it comes with, on the street their great, on the track they don't fade much at all and have a very long wear life, very long.

I've tracked with racing pads also and the braking ability was awesome. The AP calipers & disc are already a track set up so with street pads, you'll have a set up that is 10 fold of what you need on the street. Also go with either the AP racing brake fluid or something like Motul 600 fluid. Super easy to bleed if you have a pressure pleader. Dealership won't normally change your brake fluid with other than BMW DOT 3/4 fluid because it'll contaminate their machine, from what they told me so I bleed my brakes myself. Plus AP BBK is a bit cheaper too.

But just know that AP discs cost about $1800 flippen bucks for a new set so very expensive, but you won't wear them down for a number of years with daily street driving. Those discs are made to take the abuse of the track with racing pads.

Also be warned, and I learned this the hard way, that with any BBK you put on, DON'T, DON'T use acid type wheel cleaners. You'll destroy the paint like I did on my AP's and had to repaint all the calipers and disc hats. Just purchase citric type wheel cleaners online such as Sonax or other products from like Chemical Guys, etc. Just stay away from the wheel cleaners with acid. Spend $6,000+ and then screw the paint up with such cleaners sucks.

Good luck!