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Coding in Tri-State area by onebadmofo

Hey everyone.

First of all my number is 347-560-3731. I prefer that you text instead of calling.

After my free coding offer over the past 2.5 years I've made a decision to end it. I've coded aver 3500 cars at this point. I end it mainly due to absolute lack of time at the new job and few other personal factors that you won't care about.
I will keep on coding but it won't be free this time.

The thread grew a lot in the past year, a lot of people come here from Google and other forums and have no idea what "coding" and what the whole thing is about.
For the most part these cars are made the same for the whole world. But every country has their laws and regulations about how a car should look and perform like. For example here in the US we have a regulation that calls for amber reflectors or lights on the front side of the car. Look outside and you'll see that every single car from Geo Metro to Maybach has some sort of amber light in the headlights. Or In Canada any recent model requires to have DRL lights. Or in the UK your car must have rear fog lights. Or in Switzerland if your car has HID's it must have headlight washers. And so on.

All BMW's have those options pre-programmed in their computer modules and depending on market they're either enabled or disabled. To simply put I access those modules and change values in them, therefore changing the behavior of the car. This is not hacking or "jailbreaking", the car had all these features from the factory but they are simply disabled or enabled depending on the target market of the car. This does not void the warranty.

I tried making it as simple as possible

There are 3 groups of options.
The simplest ones are Group 1 which cost $40 with a total limit of 10 options. If you want more than 10 options then you have to upgrade to Group 2 which gives you 10 more options for a total of 20 + additional options that present in Group 2. The Option Group #3 gives you access to everything and no option limit.

To make it simpler - If you do just the Alpina flash which is $100, you get everything else and as much as you want.
If you get an option from option pack 2, such as DVD in motion, you get that and any other selection from both groups 2 and 1 with a total limit of 20.
If you get Option Group 1 you get only the options in that group with a total limit of 10.

The cars that I've coded before are only $20, excluding advanced features from groups 2 and 3.

I accept cash, credit and debit cars on the spot.

My schedule and address

I moved to Central Jersey in July. Pretty easy to get to, exit 9 on the turnpike.

Approximate address: Cranbury Circle, East Brunswick, NJ

An exact address will be sent to you when you make an appointment.

My number is 347-560-3731. I prefer that you text me as opposed to calling because I have a day job and I normally can't answer the phone during the day but can reply to texts at any time.

Cars that I can code:

I specialize in 2006+ E series but can also code any BMW/MINI/ROLLS ROYCE models starting 2000 and up to today. E, F, Z, X, R.
Please note that older (2005-2006) E9x, E6x and E7x have very little available options.

Depending on your car's build date, some of the things listed below will not be possible to code.


Option group #1 $40, 10 options maximum.

  • Disable seat belt reminder gong for when you don't have seat belt on.
  • Enable closing of windows and sunroof with the key fob.
  • Enable unlocking of the doors when the engine is shut off (won't have to pull the door handle twice).
  • Allow one touch close operation of the windows while the door is open.
  • Enable folding and unfolding of the mirrors with the key fob.
  • Disable iDrive legal disclaimer on startup.
  • Disable warnings for backup and top cameras (X5 & X6)
  • Enable Side View Cameras on at all speeds (F30 only).
  • Enable showing tire pressure and temperature in PDC screen (F series only).
  • Enable Power/Torque screen on iDrive (F series only).
  • Add an option for British English. Sounds very different and more clear than "American" English.
  • Select your language from a choice of around 15. Unfortunately none of the Asian languages are avilable.
  • Set the Automatic Start-Stop (A.S.S) to off by default on F series. Can be turned on if desired so.
  • Remove front amber marker Amber corned delete: turn off amber corner light when headlights or parking lights are on.
  • Enable additional "welcome lights" such as fog lights. These are the lights that come on when you unlock the car.
  • Double blinking ("Euro-style") emergency lights (2007+ only). On most cars this works only with the ignition on), example
  • Fog lights stay on with the high beams.
  • Switch DRL on E90 and E91 from inner halogen bulb to the Angel Eyes (2007+ sedans only).
  • Make the rear fog lights work in tandem with brake lights. Normally the rear fog lights come on only during heavy braking.
  • Disable angel eye dimming on 3 series coupes and 1 series. The AE's will always be at 100%.
  • Use fog lights as cornering lights on coupes and M3's example.
  • Disable “key in ignition” gong. That's when the ignition is off but the key is still in the car.
  • Add the digital speedometer to non-M cars (V=## mph) in addition to the existing options, example video.
  • Remove the "correction" on digital speedometer, it'll show the "real" speed but the two speedometers will not match example.
  • Add instantaneous digital MPG gauge to the M cars in addition to the existing options.
  • Have the cluster backlight work at all times on non-M cars (M-style).
  • Adjust low gas warning on M3's from coming on at 1/8th of tank, instead of 1/4th.
  • Read and clear BMW-specific codes for engine, transmission, restraint, accessories and such.
  • Have the windshield wipers complete the cycle and park when you shut the car off.

Option group #2 $60, 20 options maximum, includes all of the options from Group 1

  • Enable DVD in Motion for CIC. I get asked a lot - no, it's NOT possible to watch DVD on older iDrive without installing aftermarket equipment.
  • Allow remote opening/closing of motorized tailgates on X5, X6, 7 and GT series.
  • Turn off cold or hot monitoring for any lights (to remove errors for non-OEM equipment such as LED or HID lights)
  • Retrofitting of the LCI tail lights on pre-LCI E90 and E92's. Get rid of errors and fast blinkers. I can also install them for you for addl' $20.
  • Turn on "Follow me home" lights from a keyfob (url=]example[/url].

Option group #3 $100, no option limit, includes all of the options from Groups 1 and 2. The ultimate package, you get whatever you want, as much as you want!

  • Alpina B3 transmission firmware for 135,335 and 535's with build date after 2007+. In DS and S modes much quicker and smoother shits at higher RPM's, raised red line. In D mode it's super conservative and actually helps you save gas.
  • Enable Euro MDM on M3's. It allows for more wheel slip and more of a drift angle when cornering. It's a huge difference and is immediately noticeable.
  • Disabling of individual airbags and airbag errors (if you run with no airbag, e.g. race cars or sport seats). Disabling SRS system as a whole.
  • Adjust the angle of the mirror when you revers to better see the curb.
  • Retrofit BMW OEM equipment. HD radio, satellite radio, alarm, Euro lights.

Advanced coding and programming, requires individual approach
  • Disabling of malfunctioning systems such as EDC, PDC, AHL and such.
  • M3 cluster retrofit (such as M3 cluster on a regular 3 series) with retaining of the original mileage. Local only, example
  • Resetting airbag and restraint systems after airbag deployment (deleting "crash" data from the ABG. Local only.


Q: How experienced are you?
A: At this point I've probably coded easily over 3500 cars. Figure 2-3 cars a day for 2.5 years straight.

Q: I have a coding-related question / Can you set up my laptop for coding? / Can you share daten files? / etc.
A: Simple answer - no. There are plenty of resources on the internet related to the coding. Your question will be ignored.

Q: Will I lose the coding if I go to a dealer?
A: If they update software on your car then most likely yes. Think of it like reinstalling Windows on a PC. Every time you do that you lose everything and need to reconfigure everything from scratch.

Q: Will it void my warranty?
A: No. I had no one call me that their dealer voided the warranty. Dealers don't really care for coding as it's not really modifying the car, but rather exploiting its full potential. I brought my own car to service with very obvious coding (front and rear foglights turn on when you unlock the car, M digital speedo, etc) and they never said a word. But as always with things like that your mileage may vary.

Q: Is it reversible?
A: Yes but only for me or another "coder". There's no easy way for you to reset it.

Q: Do you offer remote coding?
A: It's in the works

Q: Can you come to my town/city
A: I can come within driving range under 100 miles and if you gather at least 5 cars.
I can also fly out to your state but the number of cars has to be at least 20-30 and we'll need a full day.

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