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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Welcome to grown up world, where people are usually required to figure things out themselves. It's much easier today than it used to be, so I don't know why you're whining.
I think maybe the whining comes from growing up with social media.?.? It seems that social media allows young people to feel bonded over the internet even without prior interaction. The prior generation however, who didn't grow up with a device that would allow you to communicate with anyone in the world in a matter of seconds or that gives you the answer to just about any question you can think of with just a little bit of touch screen input doesn't want to bond over what limo to use or how you should fight your 75 in a 45 speeding ticket or if you should call the cops on your neighbor for speeding. We want to bond over ideas, hot chicks, cars, racing, guns, etc....

Maybe jumping on the internet and making a thread about what kind of soap they should buy is the modern day; hang out, watch some sports, and eat flesh cooked over a fire? I mean they are certainly capable of finding a limo service on their own. Paying for it with earned money might be a different story, but they can find anything on their phones twice as fast as i can. I'm 39 and i can't even imagine how different life at 39 would be if my first cell phone: 1, would have fit in a pocket and 2, was given to me at age 13. I bet more than half the people in this forum haven't even used a typewriter, maybe never seen one in person. End of old person rant....

Anyway, what everyone else said. Also, maybe post the same question in the regional section if you're looking for company recommendations. If there is help to be given on the subject you're more likely to find it from someone close by.
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