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Originally Posted by P-rex View Post
Such nonesense around iraq and posing a threat to US with nukes... This is the kind of jibberish that Americans get brainwashed by via FOX news...
Name the last war that democrats approved?

Saddam was the lion king who tames a nation of wild animals... Ousting him was for political/personal issues as well, for the sake of the Saudis to stop wetting their panties over a possible Iraq invasion...

I am just glad that the US has a sensible and rational obama administration that is rebuilding the US global reputation instead of engulfing in corruption.... And yes USA reeks of corruption ... It's just so well hidden in the form of "lobbying"
I think the last war that Democrats approved was Iraq and Afghanistan, if memory serves me? It certainly wasn't Libya - that wasn't approved by anyone except Obama, even after the 60 day max of Presidential authority for a Military Action.

What is the evidence that Sadaam's ouster was for personal/political reasons? That's the kind of brainwashing that comes from MSNBC, HuffPost, and other mainstream media. As well as innuendo of "corruption" and lobbying.

And a sensible and rational Obama Administration? According to what? Why do you think our reputation has been rebuilt? With whom? Certainly not Israel, Britain, other US Allies, Tibet, and more. The Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East has been the beneficiary of US action, while we have managed to topple the US-friendly regimes in the region. Maybe Obama should apologize more. Or maybe more bowing.