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Originally Posted by DMW2315 View Post
OP is talking about an 09 CL63 AMG, which has a 6.2. He then was wondering why MB would put the 6.2 in there. I asked him what other engine would MB put in there to propel a CL63 AMG other than the 6.2 and you think the 5.5 would be better suited?
no, I meant, MB has put in the 5.5 (and other V8) in non-AMG CLS, CL, S, E class cars.

To me the 5.5 is just fine for the 99.99% of owners out there, when you stuff that 6.2 in there, it makes the car faster and changes the character of the car, but in no way are CLS, CL, S, and E class cars designed to be track cars. Personally, the only 6.2 cars I would consider buying would be the C63 or SLS. That's it.