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Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
I'm going to try the BFG R1s after I blow thru this current set of Nittos.
Over the past few years, I've used both NT-01s and the R1 on my M5. The R1 is a much more serious tire -- more grip, *much* less noise (i.e. you know how the NT-01 will start howling then yelling at you as you approach the top of the slip angle curve), and very controllable -- controllable to me that is. Some complain that the R1 has a peaked top of the curve, which it probably does, but the grip level is so high that is typical of a race tire. I still find it forgiving and easy to control since the feedback I get is so high from them. I love the tire.

BFG changed the compound on the R1 in 2010 I think, so I've not driven on the latest one, but I understand it's better than the original. Of course, if you're autocrossing or doing time trials, the BFG R1-S is available too, which on some cars performs better than the Hoosier A6 (and lasts MUCH longer). BFG has a contingency program this year with the SCCA, so expect to see lots of R1-S tires running in stock class. On my daughter's E46 that we co-drove at many autox events over the past 7 years, when it was in stock class we gave up on using the Hoosier since the "edge of death" would form after ~15 runs and then you'd need to flip them to get another 15 runs. If you didn't catch it quick, you'd have cords showing. Paying $275 each for that tire that wore so poorly was a joke. We switched to the R1 (they didn't have the R1-S then), and maybe gave up a couple of tenths or so on a 40 sec course, but we could run a set of R1s about 80-100 runs before flipping them for 80-100 more. I liked that tire much more than the A6, needless to say (and we weren't trying to be nationally competitive, just local club fun).

The problem for many with the R1 is that you really shouldn't drive the tire on the street, at least not for far. I've driven the NT-01 300 miles to an event, etc, and it is much more of a street tire than something like an R1 (even if it does howl like a truck tire).

I'd be interested to see the Rival go head-to-head with the NT-01. It wouldn't surprise me if the Rival is faster than the NT-01, and it will definitely wear longer. Having driven both tires, I much prefer the "behind-the-wheel" feel of the Rivals, can't say enough good things about them so far. I'll know more as the season progresses (and if we EVER get a warm dang event here in the South).
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