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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
It's weird. First, I actually own an X1. Second, I don't really post about it that much. Third, it is actually pretty good; there aren't a lot of 300hp wagons available, especially in the US.
I think you have a tough competition there... I mean in the 'heavy pig' +300hp cars category.

AWD CLA AMG, AWD Audi S3 and future M2... just to mention a few.

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You don't own any form of the FT86, you post more than me about it and while it's a good car, it doesn't actually have the separation over it's competition that the X1 does.
For the price of the Toyobaru the separation to the competition is like going from Earth to the Moon. And, when the price difference doesn't exist at all the outcome is always the same...

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But I like Vettel, rooted for Senna as a kid and loved every second of Schumi being at Fezza. I have no illusions that being a good guy or being liked have any thing to do with being a good F1 driver.
I could go on talking about the reasons why for instance a driver like Webber with 36 years old (10 more than Kobayashi) or Massa are still driving for top teams when they are always beaten by their team mates year after year. But I won't because that would be too much off topic here. I only will tell you that Webber's manager is Flavio Briatore who is as you should know a very influent guy in F1.

As for Kobayashi he is now at home among the Ferrari family because he is the most exciting F1 pilot out there and will be driving for the most exciting F1 team of all times.

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