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Originally Posted by ms372 View Post
you can actually get a better driving feel and experience in the M, supercharger for power and a good set of rims and tires with some coils would change the M. IMO lambos are more show than anything, its more like look at me and running one on a track will cost $$$ n putting on the miles with depreciate the car dramatically. plus 90% of their owners will never do more than a drive around the city in the car.
This is an interesting comment - "IMO lambos are more show than anything, its (sic) more like look at me..."

I miss a LOT about my M3, which was modified moderately, with full bolt-ons and KW V3 coilovers. I wrote up a little review after I took delivery of my LP560, here:

As you can see, I am VERY much an M3 fan, and yet, I can assure you, Lambos (at least in LP560 guise) are NOT all about show. I tracked my M3 extensively, and have also tracked the LP560. It may be purely subjective, but the driving experience of the M3 does not exceed the LP560 - even in modified form. Don't get me wrong - I LOVED my M3, and miss it terribly, but.... in terms of outright performance, and driving exhilaration, the LP560 is crazy. Maybe it's because the guys commenting here were not allowed to drive the LP560 (or, in one case, the pre-LP Gallardo, which wasn't really any faster than a stock M3) at its absolute limits, but to be honest, it's pretty hard to justify a statement that the M3 would exceed the performance of an LP560 - even modified. To say that it costs so much to track a Lambo is interesting, too. For me, to get the M3 to an acceptable level for the track, it cost me tons (bolt ons, coilovers, better rubber). For the Lambo, it cost me.... nothing. I left it stock, and it performs amazingly well.

Originally Posted by m3anAPPLE View Post
I hope so. For me the Lambo was too easy to drive. I don't mind more of a challenge.
Too easy to drive? Wow. Remember, this is an M3 forum - a car that makes mediocre drivers look good, given that it IS so easy to drive. The LP560, driven at its limit, is far from "easy" to drive.

Flame suit on. I am in no way saying the M3 is anything other than THE best sports car around. It is, by virtue of the fact that it does everything so well. I wish I still owned mine, dearly. That said, it is still a sedan. After owning both, I can safely say that no amount of mods would have an M3 bettering an LP560 in driving experience - just the seating position alone is enough to negate such a statement. That said, you can throw a bazillion dollars at almost anything, and have it perform well. It's like comparing apples to (modified) oranges. It's stupid.

Anyone who thinks that an M3's abilities exceed those of an LP560, is welcome to come visit me at a track day, and drive my car hard. We'll see what your opinion is afterwards!

I don't want to come off sounding all superior, like "I drive a Lambo, so nothing else can ever come close" - that isn't the case, at all. I still believe that the M3 is the best all around sports car made. But, some of the comments in this thread bear addressing, methinks.....
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