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i'd say it was a way to save face after 9/11 (and after bush sr wasn't able to beat saddam). so bush jr, who gets his intel from bush sr, was convinced to go for it. of course cheney was not gonna refuse the opportunity to jack some oil.

if none of that happened, saddam would have been a free check on iran (but since he's gone we're left to clean that up too). and the humanitarian argument doesn't really hold water: america tortures too, there's plenty of corruption right here. china tortures even more, yet most in power seem very tolerant given that china's big rich and powerful. invasion was not really justified simply because "we don't like his policies" when they didn't directly affect america.

bottom line: waste of money. and furthermore, if america's so against others owning nucular weapons, why not invade nk and pakistan tomorrow?

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