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Originally Posted by surlynkid View Post
i will be back on R6's or Conti scrubs next set. i don't have a dual purpose set. it is all or nothing. PS2's for street and slicks for the track. I needed something to satisfy the drivers edge requirement temporarily, so i cannot run my R6's.

imo, i think the NT01 is unsafe at the moment. if it comes completely apart on the straight at TWS and you are on with the wall, were the 4 seconds worth it? i am out to have fun, not necessarily set records. nobody has had one completley come apart yet, but i do not want to be the guinea pig. my time is also more valuable than wasting it arguing with Nitto. i hope they figure this out as it is a nice tire.
I think that's quite a leap to claiming that an NT01 may suddenly come apart and that anyone running NT01s are doomed. And you are willing to run conti scrubs aka used tires??? There are distinct signs when the tire begins to degrade. Its up to the driver to be smart and come into the pits. If anyone claims that their tire suddenly came apart and hit the wall...I'd call that 110% BS. The car started performing differently LONG before it came to that. The driver chose to ignore it and keep their foot in it. Same goes for most other issues...the question is will the driver own up to their ignorance?

For example. A driver has their LTW5 wheel breaks apart at all 5 spokes...outer rim separates from the hub while on the front straight at TWS. Didn't crash. The driver did acknowledge that he noticed a vibration from the front. Kept driving. He acknowledged the mistake and learned something. He could have just blamed the wheel but there were indications that the wheel was beginning to fail. Not saying that he was about to buy another set either...

From my earlier pics...I knew something was wrong, the back end was sliding around so I came in. Behold...I was missing a chunk. I'll be the first one to admit, I won't be getting long life out of any tires. Let's say I enjoy being well above the sweet spot of about 6% slip in the tires. But I can sure tell the difference between me inducing a slide and when a tire starts to degrade.

For the general public...If you can't tell the difference, you shouldn't even think about R-comps or slicks.
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