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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
?? From a 3.0 litre motor ?? I ran 19psi on the stock turbos with meth, dps and intake on my n54 335i and could only manage 412/446 wheel HP/TQ. The s55 M3 is going run ~ 12-14psi to make 415 crank HP from slightly larger turbos than what is on the n54 (not too much larger to prevent lag, along with the third electric turbo) and so bolt ons will not get it anywhere near "High 500's low 600's". You'd need three larger turbos to do that lol

A 3.0L motor is more than capable of holding making 600hp as low boost. My 3.0 litre 2JZGTE ran 800 hp @ 16psi. Granted apples to oranges, but displacement in a non issue.

Regarding your 335, I ran similar numbers at 16psi (V5, AA DP's, Helix FMIC, AE Exhaust, AFE intake) on my n54??

Look at the numbers the Helix & RB turbo numbers thats with marginally more flow.. its entirely feasible.

Your looking at it like everything else is comparable when its not.

Optimize intake, cooling, exhaust and add larger capacity turbo's... your there.

The compressor side can be larger as long as the hotside ar stays reasonable. Your not dropping in a turbo from a dyno queen here, no T70 here with some enormous ar.