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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
The bet is ON! If I loose I will come here and will build a thread such as this one raving about how good your BMW X1 is in the urban utility vehicles scene.
It's weird. First, I actually own an X1. Second, I don't really post about it that much. Third, it is actually pretty good; there aren't a lot of 300hp wagons available, especially in the US.

You don't own any form of the FT86, you post more than me about it and while it's a good car, it doesn't actually have the separation over it's competition that the X1 does.

But I like Vettel, rooted for Senna as a kid and loved every second of Schumi being at Fezza. I have no illusions that being a good guy or being liked have any thing to do with being a good F1 driver.