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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
What haven't the germans realized yet that both the japaneses and the italians so clearly have seen?!
Frankly, because they're going after sales. People buy comfortable, practical cars, not things that are fun to drive. If that weren't true, Lotus and Mazda would have a lot more sales.

Hard edged cars are always more fun to drive and do great in magazine tests, but people don't generally buy them, and those that do buy them in the first year or two of production than the rest sit on dealer lots.

There's not a week that goes by that I don't seriously consider running over to my Subaru dealer over lunch and buying a BRZ, but I know that if I just wait for the convertible, STI and other versions to come out, the stupid price gouging on the base model will be replaced by discounts.

The other car that's coming out soon (hopefully) that very likely will be very competitive in this market will be the FD Miata and the Alfa Spider/Graduate. They'll almost certainly have better power to weight than the base BRZ and be priced comparatively while being smaller, much better supported for track/Spec events and won't have a fake back seat.