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Originally Posted by lmaleke View Post
I see your point. But, why not attack Iran instead of Iraq? Iran is proven to have been supporting Hamas and other band of fanatics/terrorists. Is it because the cost of attacking and invading Iran is greater than Iraq?
Same analogy goes to Pakistan. Their ISI been harboring the Taliban and OBL before the US military nailed the guy.
The US funded and supported the Taliban and now they are the reason why USA has gone to war. The US suported and funded the team behind Iraq's war on Iran for 8 years, then USA goes to war with Iraq.

The list goes on and one but let's fast forward to today:

USA funds and supports Israel which 90% of the regions nations and people consider a terrorist state.

I am sorry, but credibility out the fucking window, I ain't listening to any cuntfalp in the oval office. Not today not tomorrow!

You want war? Cut the crap and just do it!
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