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Well, figured it would be time to update this thread a bit. Since the last time I posted, I've found out that I can extend the modmynav video to full screen, and I'm a lot more pleased with the much so that I'm rethinking trying to retrofit a CIC screen.

I've also decided on another remote control. The unit I have works, but it is *really* cumbersome....too many buttons to navigate safely while driving. I did some scrounging on eBay and found the one you see in the video for $8 from Hong Kong.

It works relatively well, although the "home" and "settings" buttons don't work.....easy enough to work around.

I'm using a background with a lot of white to make viewing icons and what not easier. I'll mod it at some point and time in the future and settle on something not so bright.

Over the next few days I'll be hard-wiring everything in so that it all stays on when the car isn't on, primarily so that the camera stays on and recording all the time when the car is parked.

Here's the first demo....I'll get some more vids up in the near future, specifically highlighting the nav and GPS functionality.

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