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Tighttie. I don't understand one thing. Your statement is very direct and biased but yet based on what you heard and not personally experienced. Simply Hearsay. Let the Vf supercharger owners deal with Vf directly and if any issue has not been resolved I'm sure they would make a full out statement on the forum.
Vf does not offer discounts or incentives for members for not posting experiences, so please give us a little faith in us , the end user, In deciding if vf or any other product is properly designed and equally build.i have not seen anyone come forth about major unresolved issues as of yet. I personally know that a major competitor had to replace a v3 blower within weeks of purchase due to issues but no one is accusing them of performing at a lesser level than expected. So let the current and future Vf owners take part in the true vf experiece and base their opinion on facts they can expose.
Not on stories that you may heard of and can Not elaborate on. Thanks.

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