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I would wait at least until WWDC before buying a new MacBook. I can't imagine that when all is said and done Apple won't be redesigning their top end laptop. By then, a few more of the kinks will be worked out as well.

God knows I learned my lesson with 'Rev A' hardware. I dumped my G3 Powerbook the instant the TiBook G4 came out. I had a lot of problems with it, both hardware and software related. Another lesson I learned is that AppleCare is worth every penny. My original TiBook was the 500mhz, and about a 1-1/2 years later my display went. I called Apple and they offered to replace it for free, but the problem was they no longer made the G4-500. In its place they sent me a G4-667 to replace it, at absolutely no cost.

Anyway, got off topic -- I'd still wait on the Intel MacBook -- although I really like that magnetic power adapter connection.