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Originally Posted by s4play View Post
Ok maybe I need to explain myself a bit here but I guess everyone's definition of "Stealth" is different. My setup is "nearly" invisible except for the remote display which casual observers will not see. My windows are tinted and unless you stick your head into my car and look for it, it's not going to be visible while parked or while driving at night since the display is blacked out on the main unit. Most of my passengers don't even notice it unless I point it out to them.
Ah, I see. That explains a lot, and it is just a matter of personal definition. I define it to mean that if you take a look inside the car, without opening something or moving something out of the way, it looks completely stock. My P3 gauge install? Not stealth. Radar detector (head rest mounted), remote display and remote volume unit, however? Stealth. (The pic needs to be updated to reflect the addition of the remote volume control). I chose to bypass any chance for prying eyes to see anything not stock, save the P3, picked up a sunglasses tray with a lid, and mounted everything I needed inside of it.

And I understand that you wanted to keep the laser detection, but to me it is a moot point.

The way you mounted your E46 in the E90 dome cover is what I was thinking of doing, and then I was going to mount it on the back deck. However, I found the head rest install instructions and went that route instead.

Thanks for the clarification....and the conversation

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