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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
Actually it isn't.

As much as DCT could be considered an automatic, it does not behave nor feel the same as a standard auto. First, most automatics offer worse acceleration performance than their manual counterparts. Further, they have a very "disconnected drivetrain" feeling due to the torque converter, hence the slush box designation. I have driven my friends IS-F, I totally disliked the transmission. Same impression for my other buddy's C63 I've driven (it was the older version before MCT).

If the M3 was offered with a choice of MT or standard slushbox automatic, I would not even give the automatic a consideration. The DCT is a very interesting compromise.

Although I do miss rowing my own gears and doing nice heel-and-toe downshifts, I don't regret my choice of picking the DCT .

The choice between DCT and 6MT all boils down to personal preference. There is no good or bad answer .
I agree 100%. although there are some people who buy the DCT because it was a auto. but not the case for everyone of course.

To a car enthusiast like my self, i saw the DCT has a performance option. I saw the manual as a fun option. i would have been happy with either. Although like you said i would never i mean NEVER want a standard auto in this car!

Back to my point about DCT being a performance option. Everything about the DCT setup is going to be better on a track, rather its a course or a drag. The location of the paddles and faster shifts. i can see someone wanting this DCT over manual being of a performance reasoning.

One of the things i really hated about a standard auto was the way the car sounded, but with a DCT it actually sounds pretty nice going though gears.