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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post

Mark: I stand corrected. Its the first time I ever read about this. Maybe the updates were a bit late? I searched for an app like that when I got the D7000 in oct. 2011 and couldnt find anything.
I think it was about a year ago when they first came out. Can't remember exactly, but my friend has a D7000 and I remember telling him about it so he could see the RAW files. I don't believe it was available in Oct 2011, though.

It's weird how the files change so much between cameras. I can see the RAW files from my T1i and my 7D, but anything from the 6D still just shows the CR2 icon.

I usually just go to Bridge anyway. I should mess around with the default apps setting and see if I can set the CR2 files to just launch in ACR right from Explorer.

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