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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Okay, maybe I need some enlightenment, but I'm still trying to figure out what part of this install is "stealth" as 1) you can see both the remote display and the unit just by casually looking into the car and 2) if driving behind you at night, people can see the remote display on.

Although your install looks nice, and is not permanent (which is pretty spiffy I might add), I'm failing to see the "stealth" aspect of it....?

Ok maybe I need to explain myself a bit here but I guess everyone's definition of "Stealth" is different. My setup is "nearly" invisible except for the remote display which casual observers will not see. My windows are tinted and unless you stick your head into my car and look for it, it's not going to be visible while parked or while driving at night since the display is blacked out on the main unit. Most of my passengers don't even notice it unless I point it out to them.

I wanted a setup that is both stealthy and also mobile. Putting the main unit in the best position possible but also give it a clear view of the front and back of the car. I agree if I go with a remote mirror display then it would be even more stealth but this is good enough for me. Originally I was going to hide the display in the A-pillar angled towards driver but since the mirror is flat, I thought I would give this spot a try first. I tried looking through my back window and you can't see the display.

Just remember even if you do spend the money to get a mirror with the display built in, you still need to mount the main unit somewhere. Have it suction cup mounted ANYWHERE on the windshield makes it more visible than my current setup.

My only drawback to my setup is if you are looking at your iPhone or other touchscreen device from the driver's seat, the V1 will pick that up as a false alarm. It's a good reminder to not text and drive though

I do have a V1 main unit concealment cover made that caps over the unit making it totally stealth but so far I don't feel the need for it. Here's what the custom made cover look like. (there are cutouts for the front and rear sensors so they are not obstructed)

My e46 m3 setup (you can see both the display angled at driver and the main unit hidden beneath the cover: (may move my display on my e90 m3 to this spot too for less visibility)
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