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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
I think you are far better off upgrading to a coilover. If you are going to spend the cash you may as well upgrade your suspension.
KW has the ECU/DDC (V3 spec'd) coilovers that are adjustable with the push of a button from the cabin. Apparently the "comfort mode" is just as comfortable as the EDC comfort mode setting.
I just bought a set and can let you know after the install.
If you are set on OEM, I'd find a used set and save some $$$. I may be selling my OEM ZCP suspension after the install, I have 7,500 miles on my car.
The KW DDC system is less sophisticated than M3's EDC. DDC is a passive system whilst EDC is active i.e. DDC's selected damper setting remains constant regardless of driving condition, while EDC is continuously variable (based on 3 accelerometers and steering angle).

The only benefit DDC gives over EDC is the ability to adjust ride height for aesthetics, corner balancing, and to lower the centre of gravity. I personally prefer EDC's more sophisticated damping system.

If one were to truly upgrade the suspension to something with more sophisticated damping, KW Clubsport 3-way would be a good starting point.

OP, I'm fairly certain, given the age of the car and the mileage, the dampers, bushes and mounts would have deteriorated noticeably. Choice is yours as to whether you want OEM or aftermarket. See for prices.