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According to Jean Todt, Ferrrari's president; "a car's performance is not about HP alone, it has more to do with balance, agility and the relation between the car and the driver".
over the years with improving technology we have gained a lot of HP, hence speed. But what the cars have lost is feel and sensation. Driving an old 60s British sports car like an austin Healy or a 70s or 80s 911 makes you feel like you should be wearing racing gloves even though by today's standards these cars are very slow.
I really don't think it has anyhting to do with laziness or not knowing how to manufacture a fun driver's car. It is more a business decision ruled by marketing based on customer's needs to generate profits.
The affluent bunch with the buying power is generally older, the majority don't even have an idea what an apex of a turn is let alone attempting to take the right line out of the freeway exit or doing canyon runs. This bunch prefares pointing to buttons and telling the passanger "by pressing this button I can add 100 more HP or can set the car in a race set up". Car companies are selling bragging rights not driving pleasure.