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Originally Posted by vladinecko
yeah, that was a historic keynote! the guy sure knows how to present stuff. i remember when Gates had his keynote at CES 2005 and MacWorld was a week later, how all online magazine laughed at Gates saying "Bill, this is how to do a keynote" since everything was freezing up on him on stage, nothing worked as planned and if it wasn't for Conan O'Brian moderating it, it wouldn't even be funny.

i can't wait to go to san fran this june for my first WWDC and see Jobs delivering the keynote in person. i'm already pumped up for it!
Lucky bastard, I am jealous as all hell.

I think the second classic in that keynote was when he revealed the Mac he had been using the whole time to demo all the software was Intel... I am sure the sides of the hall caved in slightly for a moment during the collective intake of breath.
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