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Originally Posted by CanAutM3
Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Dont know why this is such a tough choice for so many. Its really as basic as do you want a manual or an automatic?
Actually it isn't.

As much as DCT could be considered an automatic, it does not behave nor feel the same as a standard auto. First, most automatics offer worse acceleration performance than their manual counterparts. Further, they have a very "disconnected drivetrain" feeling due to the torque converter, hence the slush box designation. I have driven my friends IS-F, I totally disliked the transmission. Same impression for my other buddy's C63 I've driven.

If the M3 was offered with a choice of MT or standard slushbox automatic, I would not even give the automatic a consideration. The DCT is a very interesting compromise.

Although I do miss rowing my own gears and doing nice heel-and-toe downshifts, I don't regret my choice of picking the DCT .

The choice between DCT and 6MT all boils down to personal preference. There is no good or bad answer .
Ehh.. it's an automatic. That's not a bad thing. SMG, DCT, ZF8...they all execute the same mission (albeit differently).

IMHO, at legal speeds, the involvement of the 6MT enhances the M3 experience (I would miss the satisfaction of a good 4/3 downshift).

That said, a tuned GTI with DSG could probably walk me to 30.

My next M will likely be DCT, but not because I want it to be...for now, I'll keep rowing!

To each his own.