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Originally Posted by Vise View Post
Thanks guys. While I know the M3 is a brilliant all around car having driven one since 2008 its time for a change... thought about the CTS-V briefly but I prefer the styling of the C63 sedan. RS5 really doesn't do that much for me to be honest, it looks nice and all but the reviews seem to agree it is a bit heavy/overpriced relative to the competition. The new Cayman S is very, very interesting but not sure I can swing no back seats just yet... not to mention the ridiculous Porsche pricing model.

I'd love to move up to a GTR or 911 but I think they are a bit above the budget ($75-80kish)... decisions decisions.
My good friend has a Cayman, just had a son; it's tight. They have an Edge as a second car so that works out for them though. C63 is a nice car, I am sure you would be happy with one. (I still think you should test drive a ctsv though!). Cheers.