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Originally Posted by Mss396 View Post
Great idea..... Maybe the US should nuke the world so we could all start over and get it right the next time. Ya think? Now let's see where should they start, Jakarta
I'm not sure how am I going to reply to your answer.. Again, as to why not Iran and why not Pakistan, spare me let's nuke the world to start all over again thing. Everyone knows that the reason US is attacking Iraq instead of Iraq is simply because the cost of attacking Iran will be unbearable and oil is another. Practicing the ancient Chinese proverbs "to kill a chicken to scare a monkey". Now you think Iran is scared? They speed up their nuclear research to defend themselves. This create a more volatile region..
Just look up on how Iranian Pasdaran (sp?) been supporting band of fanatics in the region.

Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Now that's the spirit! After all, we need to rotate out all the old ordnance so we can build new! And where to start? So many targets, so few warheads. Hooah!
I suppose you support the OIF to make the world a safer place or perhaps, in your words, to spend all the old ordnance from US war reserves all over Europe? What your government did was igniting an ancient feud; sectarian rife.

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