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Passes everything but the gas station

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April and may is when the shows start popping up. Saw an r8 v10 at whole foods in hingham tonight. Beautiful was the same car that I saw last week getting a STASIS exhaust on about a mean sounding car with that system. Makes my M sound like a Prius!! And cheers to this guy driving the car and had the 6spd...that gates shifter and that engine are just perfect with one another!!

That world of wheels was funny...I saw more high end cars in the parking lot then in the show..old SRT8 viper, new RS5 (which is beautiful but honestly looks a bit too much like an A5/S5 from the side...minus the wheels and scalloped brake discs)...CTSV wagon and coupe, Evo X, 930 slant nose Porsche (this car was absolutely mint..full roll cage, heavily modified, and the paint looked like it was just done)..list goes on.

They should of allowed all of us to drive our cars in there!!! Had a 10 year girl shout for me to rev and floor it at a stop light...let her get a little taste!! One guy actually could hear the engine and new it was supercharged while sitting at a light....the engine is alot louder sitting idling with the blower..great sound and makes the car seem more alive