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Sorry to hear about your car, but glad you're ok. I just went through a similar experience, at least from a cross shopping point of view. In the end I ended up in an M3 coupe. We have two kids, one is out of a booster the other is in one, both fit fine in the back although it isn't the most convenient option. I did try out the c63, s5, rs5, 911, cts-v, etc.. The RS5 is really a very nice car, I didn't love the steering but it would have been my second choice. When I was shopping there was no discount at all, so it was at the top of my budget. I actually preferred the CTS-V to the others (maybe you'll determine I am crazy now and not read the rest of my post. :P)... but the power is intoxicating, the interior was nice and it felt really solid. It sounded unreal too; but again I just preferred the overall feel of the M3. Make it a fun experience and go on some test drives.