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Originally Posted by xsilvor View Post
Verrry cool. Will you be able to bring it back to the States assuming thats in your future?
As cool as it would be to get a CSL into the US and keep under wraps until its legal, I don't see the trouble being worth it. Through my investigation I have come across a couple of guys who've gotten these cars into the states, but the risk of customs seizing your car outweighs the reward IMO. Besides, after spending some time in Aberdeen, Scotland, I have no desire to drive a LHD car there and will purchase a RHD example. No way would I want to import a RHD M3 into the US and that would mean finding a european example and getting butt raped paying yuurpeein prices. This car will be fun to have for a couple years and when I return to the states I plan to get a 997 GT3, possibly an RS.
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