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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Mercedes already has the 600hp+ S65, C65 and SL65, so this is really nothing new. Though admittedly this is in a different (smaller) vehicle segment than those.

BMW will continue to stay competitive in performance, even when not on the spec sheets. Whether they will have to resort to forced induction next time around to do so remains to be seen.

Also that car is sure to cost 100k+.
I always thought a 500bhp sedan is a little over the top, and a 600+bhp sedan rather redundant. More power -> more weight -> more power..... quite a vicious cycle.

I would prefer the next M5 keeping to 500bhp, but reducing its weight by 200kg... improving fuel consumption, better power delivery with a broader spread of torque. It should perform and handle way better with its reduced weight and teach over muscled and overweight Audi and Mercedes how to do a super sedan .