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Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
What the ____ is BMW doing with its test cars? First the non-standard brake pads at the press intro in Spain, and now Cup tires on cars given to magazines for testing (I wonder if the magazine cars had the special brake pads as well).

This is really disappointing. It is one thing to provide a test car with a rarely ordered but still available sport tire option (as with the Audi RS4) or "Nurburgring" package, it is quite another to provide a test car in a configuration which cannot even be otained by retail customers. If something like tires were switched, certainly it is possible other less detectable changes were made as well, such as ECU tuning, weight reduction, etc.

I hope there is an explanation for this that makes sense.
Well it doesn't make sense to me.
BMW have just muddied the waters with this.
The car is being launched in the UK in two days' time and I still don't know whether any of the reviews can be trusted.
If I were from the motoring press, I would have been severely miffed about this too - maybe this has backfired already in some of the reviews.