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Originally Posted by jimf15e
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You're planning a car purchase 18 months from now?
Ha! I start planning my next car purchase the day I drive a new one off the lot, if not earlier. More fun that way!
Im always looking Given the time frame I have a few cars that I'm considering (some non-BMW) and if my interest is still there after 18 months and I have test driven all of the cars then it should be a solid decision.

I like my F30 335i but it doesn't have the thrill factor that my E90 with the N54 did. Im considering an M235i when they come out as well.

I just feel that an M3 would keep me happy for a very long time and it would be a car that I purchased (used) probably from a BMWCCA member.

I drive 60 miles per day which is a slight issue but it doesn't break the bank. IMHO the more that you are in a car, the more refined it should be. I can't imagine spending all of that time in an econobox just to save money, although it makes a lot of sense to do so.

Oh, I'm sure insurance is not cheap but I have a good record and a family plus Im over 40 so that would help.

We also have a minivan so this car is all mine