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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
David 275/295 is a proper setup ...

with a wider tire your car will hook up much better on turn in vs running a skinier tire... You should not be concerned about the weight of the tire ... the car with the wider tires is capable of running better times vs the car with narrow tires with the exact rims.

Why do you think new BMW Z4 GTE is running 18x12.5 and 18x13 wheels that take super wide tires ? they can run smaller size wheels/tires to save weight but they will get better times with the car hooking up better with wider tires.

Don't you think 275/295 is overkill for a stock street M3?...unless Alex is supercharged. The GTE is a dedicated race car, way more powerful than the stock M3 and GTS, its gotta go wide. Bigger isn't always better, depends on the purpose.