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Originally Posted by fireline43 View Post
This is one of those topics in so tired of. Like it was said, the government doesn't care what Americans really want right now, they will do what they want. Why don't you put your effort into over throwing the government instead, you might get farther.
I was opposed to legalizing but gave up cause of all the whining. I think pot smokers look stupid, and know it all's, and i just want them to shut up already.
Yes the government doesn't care about us, that is the point. If we let them tell us what we can and can't do and take away our liberties now, they will continue to do so. You are stereotyping pot smokers too much. Some are probably much smarter than you'll ever be. Some are probably just flat out stupid. You can't judge a person based on the fact that they smoke a plant.

You didn't have to even click on this thread, and the fact that you clicked on it, possibly read it, and posted complaining that your tired of hearing about this says something.