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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Everybody understands the difference between income and all other taxes.
With all due respect, many many don't. The poor pay a much larger percentage of their argument in overall taxes than people give them credit for.

Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
The current argument that the "rich" don't pay enough (rate) can't be dealt with in a vacuum. Everybody, no matter what they make or don't make, should pay an/some income tax. This is a valid "skin in the game" argument which can't be wished away. Folks who think they can make claims on the system should contribute--make it $100 a year for all I care but there is no logical explanation or justification that one man can pay more than about half of all workers.
You'll note above that I do agree with this, somewhat. But just like you can't argue about the rate the "rich" pay in a vacuum, you can't deal with just federal income taxes in a vacuum.

They *are* making contributions to precisely the programs people are annoyed they are taking from - ones that are not funded through federal income tax.

The logical explanation is they can't afford it, and they are vastly more likely to spend the money they have, which contributes to the economy on a much more direct and amplified scale than those who can afford not to.

That said, the argument that people making below the poverty line should pay more taxes is more a moral one, not a logical one, though the logical reasons I state exist.