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Originally Posted by MikeyV View Post
Not really Evo's and STi's have had that kind of HP for years now from factory, a lot more with a tune.
Neither have had this much HP from the factory to my knowledge. Maybe a few non-production runs in Japan, but not here.

The Evo has been ~300hp from a 2.0 for a long time, and the STi 300hp from a 2.5. Easily tuneable yeah, but 350 from the factory on a 2.0 is a pretty nice step. Maybe it's just closer to its limit already though.

The tuner 4's never made a whole lot of sense to me, at least in their current iteration. Seems like you can get more power and more economy from a 6 cyl not having to work as hard.

My 2012 STi capped at 20mpg from the factory. Was an impressive machine, but when a full sized F150 can get 21mpg with more power and 4wd . . . something seems amiss.