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Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on the war on marijuana, with nothing to show for it. Prohibition does nothing to cut down on marijuana use or its availability to minors. Criminals such as mexican cartels are making large profits. This is money honest Americans could be earning and the government could be taxing. Also we are incarcerating honest Americans along with these criminals.

People underestimate the amount of money in the marijuana industry if the federal government were to tax all marijuana sales in the country, there would be no budget problems. In fact there would be a surplus to go into education and even funding for NASA. People spend alot of money on weed. I probably spend at least a grand on weed a month. Wiz Khalifa mentioned before he spends 10 grand a month on weed. There is simply no way to calculate how much tax revenue the government is losing out on, but there is no doubt it is a large number.

Cannabis is a very valuable resource in fact hemp is the first crop to reach the potential to exceed a billion dollars, this was back in 1938. We could make textiles out of hemp cheaper and more sustainably. Hemp is capable of replacing gasoline as our main fuel source. Hemp fuel is renewable and does not pollute the atmosphere like gasoline. Hemp seed is capable of sustainably feeding the world. Yes there are places outside of the U.S. where food is scarce, for those that are too ignorant/stupid to know that. The common American diet is far from sustainable. We could eliminate deforestation. It takes trees many years to mature. Up to 300 hemp plants per square meter can be grown each year, and they can grow 20 feet tall. Hemp paper is more durable than paper made from trees.

We could make plastic, paper, rope, cloth, concrete, wood, medicine, food and more out of hemp. You can make a car entirely out of hemp and power it with hemp. In fact Henry Ford originally made his Model T from hemp plastic and intended on using hemp as the fuel source.

You all drive BMW's, alot of the plastic interior panels are made from hemp plastic, yes your car is made out of weed.

We could benefit from this plant so much as individuals, as states, as a country, our whole planet could benefit from this amazing plant. It has healing properties both for humans and also the environment we live in.

God created all seed bearing plants, man created alcohol.

To those that say these surveys are pointless. It only takes a few minutes of your time(I wonder why Americans are stereotyped for being lazy), and even if nothing happens at least they know this is an issue people are concerned about and expressing their opinion on. There has been alot of progress in the last few months in the marijuana movement, times are changing and slowly people are become less ignorant and becoming more educated on the real problems facing our world, no I am not just talking about legalizing marijuana. There are alot of problems with the way our world is run, we could either pretend everything is perfect or acknowledge and fix the problem.

If you doubt anything I have to say