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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
What was written is mostly logic, not rocket science. This begs the question, why are things the way they are in this country? The people in charge can recognize these points and solutions as well. Our friend logic says things are the way they are because the people in charge want them that way. If both sides are against deficits, why are their deficits? If both sides are against over spending, why is there over spending?
Ah, this reminded me of a part I forgot, thank you.

0.1. All elections are run with public money, and fairly limited at that. Districts should be drawn by neutral parties, and primaries should be open (not one dem one repub). At this point this would take a constitutional amendment it seems, but the only way logic gets to prevail, imo. We need money out of politics, and incentives for politicians to migrate towards the center, not polarize. Seems like this is the prerequisite to all of the above, sadly. Both sides have gotten way too good at gaming the current system, which is why this seems so intransigent.