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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
I'm 100% sure you wouldnt stay on the unemployed market for long; banks over here are constantly rotating their personnel; Right now is the retirement period of the baby boomers; so TONS of opportunities for our generation. I dont know your skills in banking, but the advantage here in Canada is that there arent as many different banks as in the US; just about 10 majors institutions with thousands of branches all around the country with a pretty solid economy so far (knock on wood). Everything is regulated by a government based agency.

I'm into risk assessment through the main mortgage insurance provider in Canada. We have over 70% of the mortgage insurance market right now.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't serious; but if things go south in Cyprus (no pun intended), and you seriously consider to move, drop me a line i'll try to hook you up the best I can. My Girlfriend also work for the main financial institution in Quebec and eastern Ontario; so with all that network, I got a contact or two

Besides, Canada's welcoming immigrant with arms open; The1 can concur. They got some solid programs too.

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Tears of blood
thanks Jean, it was between a joke and serious. we (me and the girlfriend) talked about moving if things go wrong. i'm in the IBC (international business centre) and we will take the big hit because we will lose most of our customers.
my girlfriend is an auditor in a firm that deals exclusively with offshore companies. So we are basically both in trouble. she is finishing her qualification (ACCA) in June and we will see by then.

we only live once and although its kinda scary, i wouldnt mind moving somewhere else..