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Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Two things.
I wonder if you could use those water additives that people use to flavor the water to get those color drops. At least you can drink it afterwards.

Is that snow with "The Cold One"? with your intro I thought that having the snow crystals at the base shine would add to your photo. I like how it looks frozen and fades to white toward the bottom.
In the first one, the drops were actually food colour; I wanted really bright colors. I wouldnt drink that after; at the risk of having a rainbow smile ahah. the additive you are talking about is a very light color and would need lots of it to give the intensity of the colors I was looking for. At $5 a bottle; I decided to go the artificial way for much cheaper. But you have to be quick on the shutter; those streaks only last a couple seconds.

On the second one, the glass was actually frozen; The beer was slushy; very close to freezing point. I agree; snow would have been a killer addition. But this one was shot in my basement (no pun intended as per the previous discussion), and snow wouldnt have stayed frozen for very long.

Maybe if I shot it outside; right in the now bank; lets see how the sun behaves tomorrow. It was shinning pretty hard for most of the day today; but I was stuck behind a desk anyway.

For this one, I used a nylon sheet that can be shapped to almost look like the real thing. And if you ask if it was snow of not tells me it does a pretty good job :P
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