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Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
any jobs over there for a 32 year old (maybe ex) bank employee who doesnt mind snow?? things are not looking good in Cyprus
I'm 100% sure you wouldnt stay on the unemployed market for long; banks over here are constantly rotating their personnel; Right now is the retirement period of the baby boomers; so TONS of opportunities for our generation. I dont know your skills in banking, but the advantage here in Canada is that there arent as many different banks as in the US; just about 10 majors institutions with thousands of branches all around the country with a pretty solid economy so far (knock on wood). Everything is regulated by a government based agency.

I'm into risk assessment through the main mortgage insurance provider in Canada. We have over 70% of the mortgage insurance market right now.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't serious; but if things go south in Cyprus (no pun intended), and you seriously consider to move, drop me a line i'll try to hook you up the best I can. My Girlfriend also work for the main financial institution in Quebec and eastern Ontario; so with all that network, I got a contact or two

Besides, Canada's welcoming immigrant with arms open; The1 can concur. They got some solid programs too.

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