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Originally Posted by admranger
Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I doubt it. Up to the CI (Dan Tackett) I suppose. I don't think it'll work, especially if we're sharing the track w/ Club Racing.
For a school, running two track configurations for the novices would be a nightmare. It's hard enough getting the info we feed them at the pace we feed them to stick. Throw in a completely new track to memorize and it's overload central. My recommendation to Dan, as his B/C classroom instructor would be to not do it. We alternate directions each year so just come back the following year and bingo, new track. I just wish there was a closer hotel...

The racers wouldn't care, they can adapt to pretty much anything. As long as there is some racing, it's all good.
Ah I wasn't sure if you were the classroom instructor. I was in the B group. Thanks for leading those classes!

So was the E90 the car you had the incident with? I had a lot of trouble with turn 17 before the straight in my E92. I kept wanting to feed throttle but it wasn't wanting to go with so much steering input.