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Passes everything but the gas station

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It's crazy with the tax return theft right now. Been trying to sort it out for 6 months, but there are so many people org the same problem as me it's just back logged. Governor has no problem taking your money, but when you need it they could care less.

Oh well!! You are absolutely right about the stuff out here. 90% of he community takes great care of their car stuff. I have been trying to buy these two technocraft parts from a guy in the forum and he wants to seek everything at once.

Guy is an idiot and I have told him no one is going to buy all of it (whole intake kit and the carbon manifold). So I ended up buying new, what can you do!!

I saw that steering wheel you got. It was perfect and local here in MA which is so rare!! I was definitely a bit jealous.

How was the install on the wheel? Did you do it yourself? I have been thinking about buying some performance seats, but I know I don't need them..gosh are they beautiful though. Would have to redo my shift boot and e brake boot sticking though. Got a custom leatherZ a while back. Beautiful stuff.

Send me a PM With our email and ill send you some pics or your phone number. Our mail server is down right now at work so text is gonna work better.