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Originally Posted by Ahmed View Post
We do not believe "Israel" should exist just like Israel believes Palestine shouldn't exist. Every time Palestine announced it was going to declare a statehood, Israel threatened!

We do not believe "Israel" should exist. We believe it is NOT legit!

We believe the people in that area should live in peace and harmony together!

You can call that land anything you want to call it, as long as a it's a land named for all! A two state solution is what everyone at this stage of history is calling for... but it's easier said than done when you have 60 years of bad behavior behind you!

You can sit there and preach that countries that do not believe "Israel" should exist will bomb, nuke, destroy that country all you want!! As long as it serves your blood thirsty attitudes!
Good luck with the "Israel should not exist" approach. They do and they will. Any arab nation or non-state actor who miscalculates what will happen when and if they mount a real and existential threat to Israel's existence will own what happens next. Won't be pretty but it will be messy.