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Originally Posted by Kaane View Post
Make sure you dyno it on a load based dyno and check AFR's. Normal dynojet does not put enough load and it will use more fuel on the street.
Interesting did not know that thx for the info.

Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Hmmmmmmmmmm.....wondering when you're going to get an E85 tune
Are there any e9X s/c M3's running e85? I know other cars can make a ton of power with it. Like my last race with that STi with the GT35 turbo upgrade...that car can run on e85 but was on regular pump gas that day. On e85 he would have made 100+ AWHP more and would have smoked me.

Originally Posted by hova00 View Post
Thanks for sharing the video it really does give a sense of what a vt-625 kit will do for the M3.

The 135i was fast!! It seemed like you were surprised he was passing you the way you looked over.
Well Terry beats me everytime. But I jumped a little as I thought if I did that, and executed perfect 8,599 RPM shifts, I would stay even with him. It was the best I could do but no luck...that car is just too fast. I'm running him in two weeks at Shift-s3ctor and I will have 2 more psi so I will expect the race to be much closer.

Originally Posted by Stage 2 Drew View Post
Did you like this event Adam? I'll probably go to the second one this time....hope my car stays in 1 piece until then lol

PS- E85 tune is working out pretty well.
Yeah it was awesome. I would definitely recommend it. I'm out of the country May 4th so I will have to miss the next one but you will have a blast. Glad to hear your car is running well!
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